It is Pedmed-NL’s goal to improve the Dutch Paediatric clinical and research environment and boost the development of safe and effective medicines and formulations for children. This will be established by becoming the facilitator for any Paediatric clinical trials related inquiry from researchers and the pharmaceutical industry to provide them with advice and information on which (clinical) centers and experts can be approached for a correct execution of their clinical trial in the most time-efficient and convenient manner. This will be established by facilitating an overarching coherent infrastructure that combines knowledge and expertise of all Dutch clinical centers, existing networks and infrastructures.

Ultimately, Pedmed-NL aims to have a fully operational and self-sustainable infrastructure that can facilitate Paediatric clinical trial feasibilities and trial conduct in the most efficient manner. This will be based on the defined needs of all sponsors and centers involved. While its short-term goal is to have all information and data on each individual center (i.e. expertise area, availability of experts, procedures and process flow) available, its ultimate goal is to become a network infrastructure that can fully support academic and industrial investigators in multiple ways.

It is explicitly not the intention to take over all Paediatric clinical trial activities in the Netherlands, but rather to act as a collaborative network of sites and existing networks in Paediatric drug research that can support both industry and investigators in conducting successful Paediatric clinical trials in the most time-efficient manner. Overall, this will result in a significant increase in the number of successful studies performed in the Netherlands and number of studies from abroad that will be performed in The Netherlands.