Coordinating team at Pedmed-NL office

Pedmed is a leading organization that provides guidance to pharmaceutical companies and physicians in the research process of identifying side effects of pediatric medications. Comprising a team of experts, including the director, Prof. Dr. Saskia de Wildt, Pedmed’s primary goal is to improve the health and well-being of children through medication research. Drs. Marloes Jonkers serves as the project manager and contact person, responsible for coordinating and executing projects that aim to identify potential side effects of pediatric medications. Drs. Fenna Mahler is a project manager, who works alongside the team to ensure that the research process runs smoothly. Finally, Mrs. Ellen Scheenhart functions as the secretariat of the team. With their vast expertise and commitment to advancing the field of pediatric medicine, Pedmed is a valuable asset to pharmaceutical companies and physicians alike in ensuring the safe and effective use of pediatric medications.

  • Prof. dr. Saskia de Wildt (Director)
  • Drs. Marloes Jonkers (project manager)
  • Dr. Ellen Mommers (strategic manager)
  • Mrs. Ellen Scheenhart (Management assistant)