About Us

Since 2018, the Pedmed-NL office is located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Building on the experiences from the Dutch Medicines for Children Network, Pedmed-NL is developing as a nationwide network that connects centra, involves people and aims to improve the quality of clinical research in children. Timing of the development of the network is based on the Conect-4-children (c4c) project. Within this project, financing is available for the development of 19 National Hubs.
Pedmed-NL, being the Dutch hub, therefore received funding to use for it’s maturation during the course of the c4c project (2018-2023). With this funding, we work towards sustainability, aiming to ensure high-quality clinical trials for children beyond c4c. Not only the Pedmed-NL office in Nijmegen is working hard to get there, but partners spread across the country contribute to the potential success of our network.